About Jane Hendrickson

Jane Hendrickson has learned how to use mandalas for personal insight through her own transformational life experiences. She is using this insight to introduce them to others by sharing the healing benefits of sacred art and meditation. As a Mandala facilitator, I serve others…

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Mandala Workshops

This Mandala from Rose Dalto Mount Madonna Event Judith Cornell 2005 shows what you can learn in a Mandala program. You will create a unique Mandala. You will share insights you gained during the process and use art as a spiritual tool to deepen your inner awareness.

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Mytho-Ceramics Training

Get Mytho-ceramics Training

An exciting curriculum to stimulate emotional as well as intellectual growth, Mytho-ceramics combines classical mythology, history, and humanities with the creative process, using clay as a tool. A teacher’s guide and four modules are available for you to learn this process.

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