Mandala Healing Workshops


Mandala Healing
The word Mandala means “sacred circle”, and originated in India thousands of years ago. Through a combination of guided meditation, music, and drawing, you will learn to create a healing Mandala that opens your heart and inspires your soul. The meditative process of creating a Mandala helps heal your mind and body, makes the invisible world visible, and reconnects you to your source.

Mandala Healing Class Flyer

Individual Sessions – (includes art supplies) – *120 minute sessions $65.00


Mandala Classes (includes art supplies):
  • Manifesting Your Inner Light –  Mandalas inspired by your healing source
  • Sacred Geometry & Creative Expression – Mandalas inspired by universal shapes & colors
  • Nature As Healer – Mandalas inspired by Nature & Animals
  • Understanding your Chakras – Mandalas for each of the 7 Chakras
  • A Healing Journey – Mandalas inspired by Labyrinyth


Custom Mandala classes are available for support groups, retreats, businesses and organizations.


Sand Mandala – For large groups or special events.


For Class information, please contact:
Jane Hendrickson
Mandala Facilitator
Phone: 520.825.1188



  1. Linda Keaford says

    Hello Jane, do you have classes to train to become a facilitator? I am a practicing Buddhist for many years and have found myself coloring and creating mandalas and would like to use them as a healing tool for myself and others. My phone is 520 235-4474. Feel free to leave a message. I live in Tucson. Thankyou for your consideration.

  2. How can I get training to be a mandala facilitator or at least attend a class? I live in Tucson and have been coloring mandalas and designing my own. I am also a practicing Buddhist for many years. Thankyou for your consideration. Linda Keaford 520 235-4474

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